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Themen für die Seminararbeit

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Shakespeare in Schweinfurt

The Taming of the Shrew as seen by FS113a

FS13a KUN Taming Preparation2

This is the title of the play that was performed at the theatre in Schweinfurt on the 7th February 2017.

It's a dramatic comedy play that is set in the 16th century. The plot: two daughters of a wealthy man are supposed to get married. And while one of them is looking forward to this with great pleasure, the other one doesn't. The refusing daughter tries to fight marriage tooth and nail and that is when the difficult search for a suitable and willing husband begins.

This literary masterpiece of Shakespeare managed to draw so much attention that it is still performed until this day and continues to find high audience approval.

FS13a KUN Taming Preparation1

And now once again a theatre has opened its doors for the staging of this comedy.

The play was performed by the American Drama Group TNT Theatre London.

The TNT Group is a successful theatre company that was founded in Britain in the 1980's. Soon it gained major popularity and expanded from England to many European countries.

FS13a KUN Taming Preparation3

One of the reasons for the success of this company is probably the unique way the plays are performed. What is special about them is that the acting is done by only a handful of brilliant and expressive actors that play several characters during the play. Furthermore, they keep the use of props to a minimum and actively include the audience as well as entertain them with lots of humour and a marvellous singing.

I recommend watching this play or a similar one by all means to everyone who is up for an evening densely packed with great entertainment and a unique journey through history, fiction and fantasy.


Mia Roßmann, FS13a