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English matters !!!

DAI hosted FFS students


On the 29th November at nine o’clock, our excursion to Nuremberg started at the central train station in Schweinfurt. The occasion for this trip was to experience more about our new topic in English “The Civil Rights Movement in the Transatlantic World”.

Therefore we listened to a lecture by Mrs Gerund in the DAI (Deutsch-Amerikanisches-Institut) which was founded in 1946. Throughout her presentation she demonstrated the development and the efforts of black people fighting for equality.  In times of colonization and the transatlantic slave trade the black population suffered from humiliating living conditions. Starting with crucial events like Brown vs Board of Education in 1954, the Montgomery Bus Boycott initiated by Rosa Parks, or the March on Washington 1963, the position of black people in society improved gradually.

Despite this movement, racial issues still exist nowadays.

In addition to the lecture we attended the Britfilmfestival in the Kinohaus at Nuremberg and we watched the film “A United Kingdom” dealing with the same topic. Based on a true story, the film illustrated the difficulties and problems resulting of segregation, particularly in this case an interracial marriage in Botswana in the 1940s, when a white woman married the future king of the country and moved to Africa to keep their love.

To sum up this trip was generally an interesting day and a new way to raise awareness of the history and the current relevance of this topic.

Tamara Kneuer, Lisa Penisch and Luisa May, FS13a

KUN FS13a FilmhausNürnberg

Additionally, here are some statements of the pupils:

- Interesting lecture, realistic film, thank you for organizing this day!

- Emotional film, lecture incredibly rich of information. Once again, please.

- I expected a boring documentary, but I got an interesting film.

- A really current and up-to-date lecture.

- It was a long and exhausting day, but it was worth it.

- The film is a successful combination of history with an emotional element. I was amazed at it.

- Clear and very comprehensible, both lecture and film.

- Wonderful film with sensational pictures of Africa.

- The film was a real doozy!

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