Excursion of the English Seminar to Nuremberg

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On Friday, 24th of September, our English seminar, accompanied by Mr. Kunkel took the train to Nürnberg to visit the DAI. After a more or less complicated train ride we arrived at the DAI. First of all we got a little introduction of the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut by the Director Prof. Dr Falke. Then the first workshop started. Mrs. Pleasance told us a lot about analyzing a film correctly and gave us tips for our working process and theses. After the theoretical part, we got the chance to practice what we had learnt during the last hours and took a closer look at some of the scenes of the movie „The American President“ by Rob Rainer, 1995. When the workshop had finished we had a quick break until the next speech started. Mrs. Gerund gave us a lecture called „Women and Power? The Presidency in the U.S (Popular) Culture“. She revealed some very interesting facts about woman and feminism in the history of U.S presidency and there was a great discussion at the end. During the lectures we had some visits of several American staff of the DAI, who told us about her personal experiences in the U.S. This was the last lecture of the day, so we said goodbye and took our train back to Schweinfurt. We had a good time visiting the DAI and learning so many new things and skills that we will need for our work. A big ‘thank you’ to the DAI Nürnberg, Mrs. Pleasance and Mrs. Gerund, for welcoming us, taking their time and having sponsored us two great workshops.


Marleen Göbel, FS13a (Seminar Englisch)


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